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Balcony systems

This summer is your chance to generate your own energy and save significantly on your energy bill! Are you interested in sustainable solutions for your balcony? Discover the world of balcony solar panel systems, specifically designed for people like you who want to contribute to a greener future.

Explore practical tips for selecting, installing, and maintaining the ideal balcony solar panel system. Whether you're experienced in sustainability or curious about green energy, we invite you to take the step towards a greener future together. Explore our extensive product range, save up to 1000 kWh per year on your energy bill, and transform your balcony into an efficient energy center while enjoying independence from the electrical grid.

What is a balcony system?

Discover the benefits with our extensive product range and embrace the future of energy generation. Our balcony systems offer a smart and affordable solution that can save you up to about 1000 kWh per year on your energy bill. With these systems, you not only generate energy during the day but also cleverly store it for use during peak hours in the evening. This results in cost savings, reduced CO₂ emissions, and independence from the electrical grid, all directly from your own balcony.

Experience convenience with a balcony system

Dive into our wide range of solar panels, power stations, and micro-inverters. All balcony systems are designed with ease of use in mind, making them self-installable. This means you don't need to hire an installer. Moreover, all our systems comply with solar system laws and regulations, allowing for self-installation. However, the system needs to be registered.

Create your own balcony system

Build your own ideal balcony system or choose from a ready-made set. The fun part is: you're not limited to a single brand. We have various well-known brands in our range, such as Bluetti, Anker, and Ecoflow. So, you have the freedom to choose the solar panels and inverters that perfectly fit what you want. Just mix and match as you please to create your perfect balcony energy system!

Manage your entire system via the app

All balcony systems are app-integrated, allowing you to easily manage your entire system. The app provides insights into all connected components and their performance. For example, you can monitor the power of an additional battery and the yield of the solar panels in real-time. Additionally, the app offers options to adjust settings.

Various brands

At Solar Power Supply, we offer a various range of top brands for balcony systems, including Ecoflow, Anker, and Bluetti. Each brand has unique features that can influence your choice, allowing us to provide a varied selection that caters to different needs and preferences. Ecoflow stands out with smart accessories, such as Ecoflow Smart Plugs, providing full control over energy consumption and enabling efficient power supply for devices. Anker focuses on sustainability and advanced storage technology with the Solix Solarbank E1600. Bluetti offers freedom of choice with both glass panels and foldable solar panels, emphasizing mobility and flexibility. Discover the ideal balcony system that complements your needs and enjoy sustainable energy.

Which brand should I choose?

At Solar Power Supply, we are always here for you, whether you seek phone contact with us or prefer advice via email. We understand that making the right choice for a balcony system is important to you, and our team is ready to answer all your questions and provide expert advice. Don't hesitate to reach out to us; we strive to make your experience with sustainable energy as smooth and satisfying as possible. Your satisfaction is always a priority at Solar Power Supply!

Contribute to a sustainable future

Balcony systems have many benefits for a more sustainable future. By allowing people to generate their own green energy, these balcony systems not only reduce energy costs and add extra money to your wallet but also decrease dependence on non-renewable energy sources. With the potential to save up to 1000 kWh per year, balcony systems contribute to lower CO2 emissions and promote independence from the regular electrical grid. The fact that they are easy to use and can be self-installed makes sustainable energy accessible to everyone. Moreover, the variety of brands gives you the freedom to assemble your green energy setup your way.

Bluetti Balcony System

The Bluetti Balcony Solar System is a grid-connected energy storage system with solar panels, a charge controller, micro-inverter, and battery(s). Whether you opt for a complete system with batteries or a direct feed-in solution without batteries, the system is carefully designed for efficient generation of sustainable energy. This development not only reduces peak hours and ecological impact but also ensures reliable operation under various weather conditions.

In addition, the batteries of this balcony solar system are modularly designed, allowing you to reach a maximum capacity of 4.3 kWh with 2 batteries. This offers flexibility in energy storage and makes the system highly suitable for various needs. Water and dust resistance ensure excellent performance, even on a balcony, making it a sustainable and reliable long-term solution. With the addition of a LiFePO₄ battery and a reassuring 10-year warranty, this system underscores not only sustainability but also resistance to the elements for long-lasting performance.

Find out more on the Bluetti Balcony System page.

Ecoflow Balcony System

The Ecoflow balcony system offers a smart and effective way to generate solar energy by using an integrated micro-inverter. With the integrated micro-inverter, stored energy is cleverly converted into usable electricity. This generated energy can not only be fed back to the electrical grid but also intelligently stored in an Ecoflow Power Station. These versatile Power Stations not only serve as a valuable addition to your balcony system but are also indispensable for your mobile energy needs. Thanks to their handy and compact design, they are easy to carry, allowing you to benefit from sustainable energy anytime, anywhere.

With an impressive 800-watt inverter, Ecoflow provides the capacity to feed back up to a maximum of 800W to the electrical grid. The installation of the balcony system is smooth, and to have complete control over your energy usage, you can add handy accessories, such as Ecoflow Smart Plugs. With these additional features, you can closely monitor your energy consumption and power your devices with maximum efficiency. Thus, Ecoflow not only simplifies sustainable energy generation but also offers the possibility to manage your energy consumption in a smart and controlled manner for optimal efficiency.

Find out more on the Ecoflow Balcony System page.

Anker Balcony System

The Anker balcony system is an advanced solution for efficiently generating solar energy using a powerful micro-inverter. Whether you opt for a complete system with batteries or a direct feed-in solution without batteries, this system is developed with efficient generation of sustainable energy in mind. The Solix Solarbank E1600, equipped with advanced LFP battery technology and support for 6,000 charge cycles, offers an impressive storage capacity of 1.6 kWh (expandable to 3.2 kWh*). Whether you're powering your devices or need backup energy during power outages, this system ensures a constant energy supply, allowing you to benefit from solar energy 24/7.

With the 800-watt inverter, you have the capacity to feed back up to a maximum of 800W to the electrical grid. Anker also offers easy installation in just three steps, allowing you to quickly benefit from sustainable energy. Through the Anker app, you can view various data, such as information about energy consumption, feed-in current, and the charging status of the Solarbank. Thus, Anker not only provides an advanced balcony system

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