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How does a solar panel work?

Solar panels, also called PV solar panels or photovoltaic solar panels, literally means light-absorbing solar panels. Sunlight is made up of tiny particles called photons. When light falls on solar cells, these cells absorb photons (the light particles from solar radiation) and convert them into an electron stream. Most solar cells are made of silicon. Silicon is chosen because it hardly conducts. When you add other substances, such as phosphorus (the negatively charged side) and boron (the positively charged side), the electrons will move under the influence of the sunlight. For example, sunlight causes an electrical voltage difference between the positive and negative. By connecting both layers with a metal wire, the electric current flows through the solar panel.

The power that solar panels can produce is expressed in watts (W). The more sun, the more your panels will yield. But even when the sun is not shining, solar panels provide electricity. But it will be less than in full sun. It is beneficial for a solar panel that the temperature of the panel does not become too high, each temperature increase leads to a small decrease in yielding energy. At too high a temperature, all kinds of internal resistances in the panel increase, so that the yielding decreases. On a sunny day in spring or even in winter, when the temperatures are low, the insolation is less, but the panels will still perform well due to this lower temperature.

In our range you will find solar panels that are suitable for different applications. Are you looking for a foldable solar panel or permanent attachment? With a permanent attachment of the solar panel you have the option to choose between an aluminum framed solar panel or a semi flexible solar panel. Note: semi-flexible solar panels or foldable panels are more susceptible to damage. By always handling solar panels as carefully as possible, solar cells have no chance of damage. Defective solar cells will reduce the yielding of the solar panel.

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