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Bluetti balcony systems

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Want to take control of generating your own energy while saving on your energy bills? Discover the benefits of our extensive range. The Bluetti balcony system, a smart and affordable energy solution, makes it easy to save costs on your energy bills.

The freedom to generate and manage your own energy gives you not only financial benefits, but also a sense of autonomy. The Bluetti balcony system offers a technologically advanced, yet user-friendly solution that allows you to actively participate in the energy transition. Explore our range and discover the many possibilities of renewable energy with our Bluetti balcony system.

What is a Bluetti balcony system?

The Bluetti balcony system is a smart and user-friendly renewable energy solution, directly from your balcony. This advanced technology efficiently converts generated energy into direct current, powering household appliances. The energy stored in the battery during the day is put to use in the evening, providing significant cost savings on living expenses. In terms of installation, the system is not only easy to install, but also offers durability, safety and savings. With features like plug-and-play installation, reliable LiFePO4 batteries, a reassuring 5-year warranty, and convenient intelligent app control, the Bluetti balcony system allows you to become independent of traditional energy sources. It promotes not only your financial well-being, but also environmental awareness for a more sustainable future.

For whom is a balcony system suitable?

The Bluetti balcony system offers a simple renewable energy solution:

  • Ideal for locations with little outdoor space, the balcony system offers an efficient way to generate renewable energy without large installations.
  • Cost savings: The system reduces dependence on the electricity grid, leading to cost savings on electricity bills.
  • Environmental awareness: For those who strive for a greener lifestyle, using solar energy helps reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Reliable performance: The Bluetti balcony system offers reliable performance, supported by features such as plug-and-play installation, reliable LiFePO4 batteries and intelligent app control.
Savings on electricity bills

With an 800W Bluetti balcony system, assuming an average daily sunshine duration of 4 hours, the daily electricity cost savings would be about €0.96 at an electricity price of 30 cents per kWh. Over an entire year, this daily saving could accumulate to a significant annual saving of about €350. The Bluetti balcony system thus offers not only renewable energy, but also a financial benefit by reducing dependence on the regular electricity grid. Please note that these figures are estimates and actual results may vary based on local conditions and consumption patterns.

Bluetti balcony system: two options for use

The Bluetti balcony system offers flexibility in installation and use, with two options for optimal energy efficiency.

Direct feed-in with A80 Micro-inverter:
The Bluetti A80 Micro-inverter effortlessly converts generated solar energy into alternating current and delivers it directly back to the grid via the wall socket. With a capacity of up to 800 watts and suitable for up to 4x solar panels, this option provides an efficient way to feed back excess energy, saving costs.

Storage and self-use with D100S and B210:
For those who not only want to feed in but also store generated energy, the combination of the A80 Micro-inverter with BLUETTI's D100S Solar Charge Controller and Bluetti B210 Expansion Battery is the ideal choice. This innovative solution allows users to store generated energy during the day and use it in the evening, achieving both cost savings and sustainability.

Sustainable energy storage with flexibility

The powerful Bluetti B210 Expansion Battery, with a capacity of 2150Wh, offers the possibility of storing solar energy and combining it with other Bluetti balcony system products. Storing generated energy in this battery increases self-sufficiency, reducing dependence on the regular power grid. The Bluetti B210 stands out for its attention to detail, with a durable finish and a robust, splash-proof casing (IP65), providing optimal protection for the USB (C) ports.

Moreover, the ability to link up to two B210 batteries not only provides more extensive energy reserves, but also maximises the use of generated energy. Especially during sunny periods from March to October, the Bluetti balcony system can produce up to 4 kWh per day with an 800W output, making it an attractive and cost-efficient choice for conscious energy users.

The Bluetti Fixed Bracket BABC-210 is the solution for storing and organising these B210 batteries. With its thoughtful design, the BABC-210 Bracket offers not only efficiency, but also ease of use.

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