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Anker, a leading brand in solar panels and battery solutions, stands for innovation, reliability and environmental friendliness within the world of renewable energy. Its solar panels use advanced technologies and materials to efficiently convert sunlight into electricity. Anker's Power Stations are compact and offer multiple connections to power a wide range of devices. Anker is committed to sustainability by reducing environmental impact using clean energy and high-quality materials that last. These advanced products offer innovative solar power generation and storage solutions, perfect for camping, emergencies and environmentally conscious lifestyles.

Off-grid solution

The Anker SOLIX F3800 Portable Power Station not only provides excellent performance for off-grid adventures and emergencies, but also enhances everyday home comfort with its reliable power supply. With its modular design and expandable capacity, the F3800 can easily adapt to your specific needs and grow as your energy demands increase. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities such as camping or RV travel, or simply seek peace of mind with a backup power source for the home, the F3800 guarantees a constant and efficient power supply.

Powerful 16A output

Thanks to its powerful 16A output, the Anker SOLIX F3800 Portable Power Station not only provides additional convenience in RV or off-grid situations, but also allows complete independence from external power sources. This specific output is designed to supply power to appliances that require higher power, allowing heavy electrical appliances such as air conditioners, heaters, ovens and washing machines to be connected and used effortlessly. With an output of 6000 W, multiple appliances can be operated simultaneously, whether you're on an adventure trip or just at home. The F3800 always provides reliable power wherever you are.

Reliable power supply

The SOLIX F3800 is equipped with two solar inputs, each with a separate MPPT controller, allowing you to connect up to 1200 watts - 25A of solar panels per input. This allows you to make efficient use of solar power even when you are on the road. In addition, the built-in UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system ensures that your devices continue to work even during power outages. The F3800 switches instantly to internal battery power, minimizing power interruptions and protecting your electronics from data loss and damage during power outages.

SOLIX C1000X Portable Power Station

The Anker SOLIX C1000X Portable Power Station offers reliable and lightning-fast energy thanks to HyperFlash technology, allowing the device to fully charge in just 58 minutes. With a battery capacity of 1064Wh and durable LFP battery technology capable of more than 3000 charging cycles, it's perfect for adventurers. With a continuous power of 1800W, four outlets, various USB ports, and a 12V car socket, it powers all your devices. The ability to expand the capacity to 2 kWh and the user-friendly Anker SOLIX app make this device a versatile choice for emergencies and off-grid adventures.

SOLIX F2000 Portable Power Station

The SOLIX F2000 Portable Power Station (Anker PowerHouse 767) is designed for heavy use and offers an impressive capacity of 2048Wh, expandable to 4096Wh. With a power of 2300W (3200W peak load), it can power heavy appliances such as refrigerators and medical equipment. GaNPrime technology ensures faster charging times and improved efficiency, fully charging the device within 2 hours. The smart temperature control system and retractable handle with wheels make this device ideal for use in campers and caravans. The integrated UPS function ensures a seamless transition to battery power during power outages.

SOLIX C800X Portable Power Station

The Anker SOLIX C800X Portable Power Station combines portability and power with a capacity of 768Wh and a power of 1200W. Equipped with a camping lamp, IP65 water resistance, and a rugged design, this device is perfect for camping trips and emergencies. The EV-Class LiFePO4 battery lasts for up to 3000 charging cycles, resulting in long-lasting use. The SOLIX C800X can be quickly charged within 58 minutes via 1100W AC charging, or within 2.3 hours up to 80% via solar energy. With the Anker app, you can monitor the status and consumption of the device in real-time and adjust settings.

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