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About Bluetti:

Power generation and home backup solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Although Bluetti has already achieved significant success in developing portable power stations, backup batteries and solar panels since 2019, the modular approach to energy storage, has become Bluetti's new trademark. The home battery systems offer endless possibilities through the use of linked batteries with a maximum storage capacity of 79Kwh. Together with the intuitive app, a fast charging option via mains power and solar power, you always have a comprehensive reliable solution to solve energy shortages.

Powerful and Flexible Energy Solution

Imagine: a power source that is not only powerful but also flexible and reliable. That is exactly what the Bluetti AC240P Portable Power Station offers. With an output power of 2,400W, the AC240P can supply power to both small electronics and large appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners. The battery capacity ranges from 1,843Wh to 10,443Wh with four B210 expansion batteries, allowing you to always remain flexible. Thanks to the IP65 rating, this power station provides protection against dust and water, making it perfect for use in various environments such as camping trips or construction sites.

App Integration for Convenience

Convenience is central to the Bluetti AC240P, thanks to the intuitive BLUETTI app. This app allows you to easily adjust functions and settings, including the ECO and UPS modes for optimal power consumption and protection of your devices. Imagine being on a road trip in a remote area and being able to monitor the battery status and energy distribution via the app without having to manually operate the power station. Whether you are camping, on a road trip, or simply need a reliable power source, the AC240P provides a practical and user-friendly solution for every situation.

Charging and expansion options

Thanks to the 2400W AC Turbocharging, the power station is charged up to 80% within 45 minutes, which is crucial for quick recharging between activities. For those who value silence, the silent charging mode offers a noise level of less than 50 dB, ideal for use in small spaces such as bedrooms or tents. Moreover, with the ability to expand the capacity with the Bluetti B210 Expansion Battery and the unique parallel connection technology, you can easily adjust the energy storage and power to your needs, ideal for off-grid adventures and long-term use.

Ultimate Energy Solution

Thanks to the versatility of the Bluetti brand, you can discover the power of the BLUETTI AC180T Power Station, a powerful power station that seamlessly integrates with the Bluetti MultiCooler and the Bluetti B70 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery. With a capacity of 1800W and a peak load of 2700W, the AC180T effortlessly powers all your electronic devices. With the smart hot-swappable battery system, you are always assured of energy, whether you use one battery or both. The removable LiFePO₄ (LFP) batteries guarantee a lifespan of more than 3000 charge cycles and retain about 80% capacity for around 10 years. Its compact size and sturdy construction make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Efficient Cooling with the MultiCooler

The Bluetti MultiCooler is an innovative portable cooler with a generous capacity of 40 liters, offering a perfect combination of efficiency, robustness, and ease of use. This advanced cooler functions not only as a refrigerator and freezer but also features a built-in ice maker system. With two fully charged Bluetti B70 batteries, the MultiCooler can provide fresh food and ice for up to 6 days, depending on your settings and usage. The compact design, including a retractable handle and all-terrain wheels, makes the cooler easy to move, even on rough terrain. Whether you're at a remote campsite, relaxing in the garden, or hosting a beach party, the MultiCooler is ideal for storing food and drinks.

Reliable Energy

The Bluetti B70 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery is designed for use with the MultiCooler and the AC180T Power Station. This powerful battery with LFP cells and a capacity of 716.8Wh extends the functionality of your devices. The B70 batteries are hot-swappable, meaning you are always assured of power. Simply charge the batteries, remove them one by one, and place them, for example, in the MultiCooler, while your devices continue to operate uninterrupted. The batteries guarantee an impressive lifespan of more than 3000 charge cycles and retain about 80% capacity for around 10 years. *Note: The BLUETTI AC180T Power Station comes standard with two Bluetti B70 batteries.

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