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WATTSTUNDE 20A 90V MPPT WLR-Charge Controller

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Wattstunde Output: 12V/260W - 24V/520W
Input: 90 V

Product description

The WATTSTUNDE 20A 90V MPPT WLR-Charge Controller is a charge controller that can be placed between a solar panel and a battery. The alternating voltage of the solar panel is converted into a constant voltage to charge your battery. Via the built-in LCD display, you have a visual control over the charging process, the voltage, the status of the battery and the temperature displayed. In this way the system is easy to monitor.

Using the intelligent disconnection in the charge controller, when the battery has reached a critical state of charge, it will automatically disconnect its charge from the connected device. In this way the battery is protected against too deep discharge.

With the built-in MPPT technology, the controller determines the optimal operating point of the solar panel several times per second. It can therefore transform the voltage surplus of the panels into an increased charging current for the battery. This charging current amplification ensures shortened charging times and optimal power consumption of the system. Compared to a simple PWM charge controller, this provides a higher yield of up to 30%. Especially during cloudy conditions.

The system voltage with a 12V or 24V battery is automatically detected. With the external temperature sensor, the charging voltage can be adjusted automatically depending on the ambient temperature. Furthermore, the charge controller has the following protections; overcharging and preventing the battery from being discharged via the solar panel (at night). In addition, there are protections against polarity reversal, too high a voltage of the solar panel, short circuit and overload. This 20A 90V Charge Controller supports different batteries: Lead Acid Battery (Sealed, Gel, Flooded) and Lithium Battery (Li-Ion, LiFePO4).

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  • WATTSTUNDE 20A 90V MPPT WLR-Charge Controller
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Brief specifications

Brand Wattstunde
Artikelnummer 300-10120
Warranty 2 years
Product type MPPT Charge Controller WLR 20.90
Battery voltage 20 A
Rated charge current 12/24 V Auto Select

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WATTSTUNDE 20A 90V MPPT WLR-Charge Controller
Output: 12V/260W - 24V/520W
Input: 90 V
€ 99,95
Free shipping
Incl. VAT

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