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Bluetti PV350 + AC240P Combo

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Power: 350W
Capacity: 1843Wh

Product description

Optimize your adventures with the Bluetti PV350 + AC240P Combo and enjoy direct access to stored energy anywhere. The Bluetti AC240P Portable Power Station offers an impressive output power of 2,400W, allowing you to power both small electronics and large RV appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners. The flexible battery capacity starts at 1,843Wh and can be expanded to an astonishing 10,443Wh with four B210 expansion batteries, ensuring you are prepared for various energy needs in any situation.

Combine the AC240P Portable Power Station with the Bluetti PV350 350W Solar Panel for a complete off-grid energy solution. The foldable solar panel is made of durable ETFE material, making it scratch-resistant and robust. The solar cells are connected in parallel for higher efficiency, with an impressive efficiency rate of 23.4%. Easily position the solar panel at the correct angle towards the sun with the built-in kickstand at the back. When folded, the panel is compact and portable, perfect for on-the-go use.

The panel comes standard with a 3-meter-long MC4 cable, allowing you to easily connect the solar panel to the AC240P Portable Power Station via an adapter. Thanks to this high efficiency, the PV350 solar panel can generate approximately 1600 - 1700Wh of solar energy per day in good weather conditions, ensuring you always have a fully autonomous, off-grid energy supply for all your adventures.

With the rapid charging function, you can charge the AC240P from 0-80% in just 45 minutes using the mains power adapter, allowing you to quickly get ready for your next adventure. The powerful 'Power Lifting Mode' of 3,600W effortlessly meets the needs of even the most demanding devices, such as electric blankets, kettles, and hairdryers, allowing you to stay comfortable even in challenging conditions.

With the Bluetti AC240P Portable Power Station, you are always prepared for adventure. Rely on its versatility, powerful performance, and easy operation via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, making the AC240P the ultimate companion for adventurers, travelers, and anyone who values reliable, portable power.

In the box
  • Bluetti AC240P Portable Power Station
  • 2400W AC adapter
  • 1200 W Solar charging cable 1,5 meter (MC4 to DC 7909 connector)
  • Car Charging Cable (Car Plug to DC 7909 connector)
  • User Manual
  • Bluetti PV350 350W Solar Panel

Brief specifications

for Bluetti AC240P Portable Power Station
Brand Bluetti
Artikelnummer P-AC240P-EU-GY-BL-010
Warranty 6 years
Battery type LiFePO4
Battery capacity in Wh 1843Wh
Output USB 2 x USB-A 5V/3A
2 x USB-C 100W

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Bluetti PV350 + AC240P Combo
Power: 350W
Capacity: 1843Wh
€ 2.198,-
Free shipping
Incl. VAT

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